Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

Every year my sister's company Attention 2 Detail Events throws an annual Halloween bash with a secret theme. This year, 'Arabian Nights' was the theme and last Saturday everyone dressed up for the occasion. Halloween is today and I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the event and spread a little festive cheer.


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Happy Halloween everyone!


Blazer Craze

Blazer Craze

Statement: White // Zebra // Feathered
Texture: Velvet // Wool // Leather
Classic: Black // Navy // Camel 

Getting ready each day, I tend to fall into a similar pattern. Trying to look as put together as possible, yet wearing something simple and easy for where the day decides to take me. Recently, I have been wearing quite a few different options from my blazer collection.  From a bright orange hue, to a classic nude or whiteblazers really are completely endless in the clothing options we can pair with them. Inspired by all of the outfits I have dancing around in my head, I decided to pull some of my favorite blazer picks and some simple ways to wear each one.

Statement blazers might be my favorite. Florals, patterns, finishes and feathers that you really can't resist throwing on with your favorite romper for a night on the town or thrown over a maxi for a show on Broadway. Statement jackets are the new statement necklace with a little less bling and a little bit more flare.

Textured blazers can get tricky and are intimidating for a lot of people, but if you keep the outfit simple, a textured blazer can really add that finishing touch. A full monochromatic look is a great compliment with a texture, giving you a different element to a single color look while still looking completely streamlined.

The classic blazer, we all have one. We might even have more than we would like to admit (that would be me). They come in every color of the rainbow, but I would highly recommend black, tan or camel, white and navy... basics that you know you can never go wrong with. This classic choice is the perfect combination to your favorite 80’s band tee or even silk blouse for a board meeting. Regardless of the price, a classic blazer is essential in the longevity of your clothing and you will wear them time and time again... and probably develop quite the collection while you’re at it.

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Caped Up

Caped Up Caped Up Caped Up Caped Up Caped Up Caped Up Caped Up
Cape: c/o The Shopping Bag (Save 25% with code 11THAND16TH), Shirt: Forever21, Jeans: Zara {identical}, Boots: Zara {love these}.

Blanket, jacket, or cape?... Frankly, I haven't quite decided what to call it but this season its pretty obvious that the obsession with capes is quite real. From the cult status of the notorious monogramed Burberry cape to my new favorite houndstooth number!
Recently I had the opportunity to partner up with The Shopping Bag and immediately fell in love with it. Probably because anything that involves being cozy has my name all over it, and with the temperature starting to drop below 60 degrees adding another layer never seemed more necessary.

Be sure to head over to The Shopping Bag and check out their fun store. Receive 25% off your order with code:  11THAND16THWhile you are there, be sure to check out the fun Halloween skulls because as you may know, I’m a sucker for anything skulls.

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Stripes + Plaid

Stripes + Plaid Stripes + Plaid Stripes + Plaid Stripes + Plaid Stripes + Plaid Stripes + Plaid Stripes + Plaid Stripes + Plaid
Sweater: Forever21, Jeans: Kut from the Kloth {love}, Shirt: H&M {similar}, Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent, Earrings: Forever21 (Under $10!).

Sometimes all that needs to be said is, Happy Friday!

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